About Deed Restrictions...

Every owner of property in Manor Hill is a member of a "deed restricted" community. As the term implies, this means that all lots within Manor Hill are subject to certain restrictions that are recorded in the Official Records of Highlands County, Florida. These restrictions were put in place by the developers of Manor Hill at various times as our community was being established. In accordance with Florida Law, they are and will remain attached to the deed of each and every lot in the community unless and until removed by majority vote of all the owners of property within Manor Hill.

Although Florida Law requires the seller of a deed restricted lot to provide the buyer with a copy of all restrictions encumbering the real estate being purchased, it is apparent that some current owners in Manor Hill were not given or have misplaced their copy, or perhaps did not secure them by performing a title search when purchasing their property. Therefore, at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Manor Hill Owners Association, your Board of Directors voted to provide all owners of property within the community a summary of these restrictions. While there are numerous versions that apply to different lots that may differ slightly, the summary contained on this website is generally applicable to all the lots.

All members of the community have legal authority to enforce violations of the restrictions on their own via court action. Additionally, the Manor Hill Owners Association, through its Board of Directors and Architectural Committee, can and will if appropriate, enforce the restrictions on behalf of any member who submits a written complaint to the Board of Directors detailing a violation. The complaint will be kept confidential to the extent possible. However, please be aware that, depending on circumstances that might ensue, the Florida Sunshine Law may consider such documents to be public information if requested by any citizen of the State of Florida.