Summary of Manor Hill Restrictions

Various Declarations of Restrictions for the Manor Hill Section of Sun 'n Lake Estates were recorded in the Highlands County Courthouse between 1971 and 1995 by the following DECLARANTS, who were the DEVELOPERS of Manor Hill:


Highlands County Title and Guaranty Land Company

CFD Incorporated

H. F. Development Company

Highlands Communities, Inc.

Manor Hill Development, Inc.



The following deeded restrictions have been extracted from the original documents on file at the Highlands County Courthouse.  The filings are generally similar, are only summarized below, and apply to all areas of Manor Hill:    

SINGLE FAMILY HOME No building or structure of any kind whatsoever other than a single dwelling house shall be erected on any lot and such dwelling house shall be occupied by only one family and used only for residential purposes.

GARAGES Structure shall be an integral part of the house and capable of enclosing at least two full size cars.

SIZE, SETBACKS AND EASEMENTS No dwelling house containing less than 2,000 square feet of enclosed floor area under air exclusive of garage porches, patios and terraces, shall be constructed on any lot in Manor Hill except certain designated areas, especially on Monza Drive, the 2,000 square feet has been reduced to 1,550 square feet.  The Architectural Committee can give you this information.  NOTE:   Manor Hill Development, Inc. has presently recorded a 1,700 square feet minimum living area requirement for all lots, excluding those fourteen (14) lots backing up to the Nature Area. These fourteen lots require 1,800 square feet of living area.  Contact MHOA Board Member for details.

No portion of any structure shall be within 25 feet of the front or rear property line of each lot, or within 7-1/2 feet of any side lot line, nor within 15 feet of the street right of way of any corner. Surface waters and drainage shall not adversely affect neighboring properties or interfere with drainage flows.

THE ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE has full control over any alterations or additions to the original dwelling. No building, outbuilding (i.e., doghouses, playhouses, gazebos, tool or hobby sheds), garage, fence wall, retaining wall, tennis courts, basketball courts (to include backboards and/or baskets and nets), pool, pool enclosures, pool pumps and pool equipment, solar heat installations (solar panels must be the same color as the roof or as near as possible), awnings canopies, shutters, all outdoor lighting, outparcel landscaping or other structure of any kind shall be erected, constructed, placed, painted, stained, or maintained on the Properties, nor shall any alteration, addition, changing, repairing, remodeling, painting, staining, or adding to the exterior thereof or to the landscaping be made, unless prior to the commencement of any construction, excavation, or other work, if applicable, two complete plans and specifications therefore, including paint and/or stain exterior color scheme, front, side and rear elevations and floor plans and two plot plans indicating and fixing the exact location of such structures or such altered structure on the lot with reference to the street and side lines thereof together with such other information as may be necessary to fully inform the Committee on the matters intended to be done, shall have been first submitted in writing for approval and approved in writing by the Architectural Committee.

 REJECTION OF PLANS The Architectural Committee is clothed with the responsibility for insuring the sound, and aesthetically pleasing development of the premises.  Accordingly, it may, at its sole discretion, disapprove any plan, or any portion of any plan, on any grounds, without being liable to any party for such disapproval.

RIGHT OF ENTRY Any agent or member of the Architectural Committee may, at any reasonable time, enter and inspect any building under construction or property subject to the jurisdiction of the Architectural Committee on or in which the agent or member believe that a violation of the covenants, restrictions, reservations, servitudes or easements is occurring or had occurred, as for purposes of correcting a violation of the covenants, restrictions and reservations set forth herein.

LAWNS AND LANDSCAPING restrictions are as follows:

SOD Prior to the occupancy of any structure on any lot, all vacant portions of the lot and all right-of-way from the front lot line to the edge of the pavement shall be completely landscaped and sodded (preferably Floratam) at the sole cost of the lot owner. Lot owners shall expend for landscaping purposes an amount not less than 2% of the, cost of the construction. Detailed requirements are available from the Architectural Committee.

INGROUND AUTOMATIC SPRINKLER SYSTEM Sprinkler systems, including well, pump and timer, shall be installed for lawn irrigation, prior to the occupancy of any structure on any lot.

MAINTENANCE No weed, underbrush, or other unsightly growth shall be permitted to grow or remain on any lot. Should owner fail to keep premises free of such growth, then the Architectural Committee, or persons under their direction, may enter upon the lot and remove same at the expense of the owner.

ALL CONSTRUCTION SITES Any and all construction of structures, including appurtenances or landscaping thereto, must be accomplished in a clean and orderly fashion throughout the construction process. Construction materials are to be neatly piled or otherwise stacked; debris and rubbish must be consolidated into a secure container (dumpster) or removed daily. Grass or weeds taller than 18 inches must be removed or cut and streets adjoining said construction site are to be frequently swept clean of sand, construction debris, dirt, trash or related such items.

OUTPARCEL PROPERTY No structure (i.e., fence, outbuilding, gazebo, swing, antennae, bird bath, artificial animal, e.g., pink flamingo) may be placed or otherwise erected on the outparcel property. The planting of shrubs and trees as well as installation of a sprinkler system on the outparcel property must have prior approval of the Architectural Committee.


All garbage cans, oil and gas storage tanks, trash containers, bicycles and other personal property shall be kept, stored and placed in an area not visible from outside the dwelling.

No temporary or permanent utility or storage shed, building, tent, structure or improvements shall be constructed, erected, painted or maintained without the prior approval of the Architectural Committee.

No horses, hogs, cattle, cows, goats, sheep, poultry or other animals, birds, or reptiles shall be kept, raised or maintained on any lot; provided, however, that dogs, cats and other household pets may be kept in reasonable numbers in the dwelling if their presence causes no disturbance to others. All pets shall be kept on a leash when not on the owner's lot.

No stable, livery stable or barn shall be erected, constructed, permitted or maintained on any lot.

No recreational vehicles, trucks (including pickup trucks and campers regardless of size), boats, trailers or business vehicles shall be parked on the properties, roads, streets, grass or thoroughfares, unless same is temporarily present and necessary for the actual construction or repair of structures (or appurtenances of landscaping thereof) on the Properties; provided, however, that said vehicles, boats or trailers as listed above may be parked or stored within garage so that they are not visible from outside the dwelling.  Note:  Certain personal size pickup trucks may be parked on driveways.  Contact an MHOA Board Member for details.

No outdoor clothes drying shall be allowed.

No signs, except name signs, security signs no larger than 6" x 15", and "For Sale" signs no larger than 15" x 18", and builder's signs no larger than 18" x 24" shall be placed, erected or displayed on any lot or dwelling. Builder's signs may only display "Homes By", "Built By", or "Construction By" preceding the builder's name, telephone number and applicable license number in small print; must be of the standard green color as approved by the Architectural Committee for such purpose, and must be approved as to each individual builder by the Architectural Committee prior to use on any lot. Builder's sign must be removed from any lot within ten (10) days of issuance of Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.) or actual occupancy, whichever occurs first.

No trade, business or profession shall be conducted, nor shall any commercial use be made of any lot.   YARD AND GARAGE SALES ARE PROHIBITED.

All lots shall be kept in a clean and sanitary manner and no rubbish, refuse or garbage allowed to accumulate, or any fire hazard allowed to exist.

No nuisance shall be allowed on any Lot or any use or practice that is a source of annoyance to other Lot Owners or interferes with the peaceful possession and proper use of the Lots by the residents thereof.

No immoral, improper, offensive or unlawful use shall be made of any Lot, and all valid laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental bodies having jurisdiction shall be strictly observed.

No television or radio masts, towers, poles, antennas, aerials, satellite dishes (camouflaged or otherwise), regardless of size, or appurtenances may be erected, constructed or maintained. Note: the small 18" dishes are being used.  Note:  Per Federal Regulations certain size antennas and satellite dishes may be used.  Contact an MHOA Board Member for details.

ALL MAILBOXES and pedestals thereto must be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to installation on any Lot. All mailbox pedestals must be placed on the side property line and shall accommodate two mailboxes (one for each lot owner on either side of the pedestal where feasible). All mailboxes and pedestals, as well as any newspaper holder or receptacle whether freestanding or attached, must be black.

No stone, gravel or concrete shall be used in place of a lawn.

Each lot is restricted to residential use as a single family residence by the Owner thereof, their immediate families, guests, and invitees or their lessees,

No person shall use the Lot or any part thereof in any manner contrary to the Declarations stated above.

No temporary or permanent utility or storage shed or outbuilding shall be constructed or erected.

No outdoor clothes drying or apparatus shall be allowed.

The Board may establish such additional rules as may be deemed to be in the best interest of the Association and the Owners.

MEMBERSHIP Every Owner of a Lot shall be a dues-paying member of the Manor Hill Owners' Association. (This Association is a separate entity from the Sun 'n Lake Property Owners' Association.) Membership shall be appurtenant to and may not be separated from ownership of any Lot.




All structures shall include a minimum of 6/12 roof pitch.   Architectural exceptions will be allowed at rear of homes where a minimum of 4/12 pitch can be incorporated into the design if necessary to provide a more pleasing front elevation.

All roofs shall be constructed with a dimensional style 25-year fungus-resistant architectural shingle. Concrete tile (with integral color) or wood shake shingles are also acceptable.

No roof of any structure shall contain any roof-mounted solar energy collectors.

Whenever possible, plumbing vents and exhaust ducts shall be connected inside of the building prior to projecting through the roof. Vents and exhaust ducts shall be offset to project through the sides and rear of roof whenever possible.


All windows of any structure facing the street front and all windows of any structure on corner lots on street side shall contain shutters or window details.

All aluminum windows and doors are to be anodized or otherwise prefinished in a permanent color.


Only Floratam sod shall be utilized, and no other type of sod is authorized for lawn landscaping.

All pumps and A/C compressor areas shall be concealed using landscaping or decorative walls.

No fences are allowed.

All playground or recreational equipment must be located at the rear of the residence, but must have the Manor Hill Architectural Committee approval prior to installation or placement. No permanent basketball nets are allowed.



Note:  The following restrictions apply to the NATURE AREA that abuts the thirteen Island Drive lots in Manor Oaks Subdivision:

Landscape Maintenance:

  1. No tree measuring over 1-1/2 inches in diameter will be removed without the unanimous consent of the owners of the thirteen lots that border the Nature Area.

  2. Unsightly undergrowth in the Nature Area will be cut and maintained no more frequently than once per year.


  1. No building or structure of any kind will be constructed on the Nature Area, except that benches or picnic tables may be placed on the property in a location that meets with the unanimous consent of the owners of the thirteen lots that abut the property.


    These restrictions may be amended from time to time, in whole or in part, by an instrument signed by at least eleven of the thirteen owners of the lots bordering the Nature Area, which instrument shall be recorded in the public records of Highlands County, Florida before it becomes effective.


    NOTE:  Specific filings of recorded Restrictions attached to the deeds of individual lots in Manor Hill may be obtained from the County Clerk’s Office at the Highlands County Courthouse, 590 South Commerce Avenue, Sebring, Florida 33870, or by contacting an MHOA Board Member.