Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Association?

A. The primary mission of the Association is to protect and preserve property values.

What are some of the initiatives the Association worked on and is currently working on?

A. Overall, the Associations' main mission is to safeguard property values by encouraging maintenance of individual properties. The Association recently worked with Sun 'N Lake Improvement District on  the repair of several drainage issues in Manor Hill. 

Is membership to the Association voluntary?

A. Membership in the Association is automatic for all property owners in Manor Hill. One is designated a member if they own property whether it is a vacant lot or a home, and whether or not you reside in Manor Hill. 

What are the annual dues?

A. The annual dues for 2021 are $15 per year, per lot. However, the Board of Directors at a Quarterly meeting may vote to add an additional Special Assessment if needed.

How do I pay?

A. Dues are collected once per year. We will send you a bill and you can either mail to the PO Box listed or personally deliver your payment to the posted address of the current Treasurer.  With the 2021 dues mailing all property owners were also notified that if the dues are not paid by March 30, 2021, additional  penalties will be added to your account. Dues are payable upon receipt of the invoice!

What does the annual fee pay for?

A. Essentially, the dues pay for the operation of the Association such as common area landscaping, area electric, state and corporation fees, signs, insurance and legal matters and other ongoing expenses.  They also go toward enhancing the interests and welfare of the subdivision.

If I have a complaint/comment/suggestion about the neighborhood, should I contact the Association or the District?

A. It is best to first contact an Association Board member with your question or concern. If the question cannot be dealt with internally, the Board will assist you in directing you to the proper agency.

What is the relationship between the Association and District?

A. The Sun 'N Lake Improvement District recognizes homeowner associations as a representative of it’s' members and extends every courtesy to respond to our questions and requests.

Does the Association have general membership meetings?

A.  Currently the Association's holds four meeting per year on the second Monday in January, April, July and October at 7:00PM in the Community Center, all are encouraged to attend. The January Annual Meeting is when the directors are nominated and elected for the coming year. Special meetings may be added as determined by the acting President.  Due to many of the residents of Manor Hill being winter residents, it is possible there will be no meeting in July. Notice of an upcoming meeting is always posted at the entrance to Manor Hill.

Does the Association have By-Laws?

A. Yes. A copy of which can be found with your closing documents

Are there deed restrictions?

A. Yes. A copy of which can be found with your closing documents or a summary of the rules and regulations is available on this site or you may contact any Board Member. It is important all property owners understand that deed restrictions in simple terms mean there is a Homeowners Association for Manor Hill and every property owner is required to abide by the rules and regulations of the community. Failure to do so can result in fines and penalties.

Must I consult with the Association if I want to make exterior improvements?

A. Yes. We would hope that one would keep their property in character with the neighborhood for the benefit of all. Please refer to your copy of the Deed Restrictions for rules regarding improvements. Any work to be done outside of the home must be submitted first to the Architectural Review Committee. Failure to obtain approval PRIOR to starting work may subject you substantial penalties.

Does the Association have an architectural committee?

A. Yes. Before you apply to the County for a building permit, you must first submit one copy of your plans to the Association’s Architectural Review Committee, the same version that you plan on submitting to the County. A full set of blue prints for construction must be submitted and include the stamp the plans are approved by Highlands County.

Is there a Association Directory?

A. Yes. A directory is on this website behind a Protected Password.  A paper directory is available to all residents. Please contact the Secretary if you are in need of a copy.

Can I participate if I am a renter?

A. Association By-Laws require property ownership to qualify for membership.

Am I expected to serve on a committee?

A. No, however we encourage participation of all of our members.

What are the duties of the various positions?

A. Go to the main menu and click on 'Committees' and it will list their function and responsibilities.

I would like to volunteer my services, who do I contact?

A. You are welcome to contact any Board member by phone or email. Their contact information is available on this web site.

Is there a neighborhood watch?

A. Yes. Sun ’N Lakes Improvement District of Sebring contracts out security services including security patrols, response to non-emergency calls and managing a daily house watch program.  Information and required forms are posted on the District web site.

Does the HOA or the District pick up the trash?

A. Trash pick-up has been outsourced Highlands County to Waste Connections of Florida. All homes in Manor Hill have been provided with a blue bin for regular garbage, and a green bin for recycling.

When is trash day?

A. Trash day is Thursday, except when delayed due to a national holiday then the pickup will be next day. It is requested that trash not be placed at the curb no earlier than 4:00PM the evening prior. (Wednesday).  You may be penalized if yard waste or garbage is placed out prior to pick up day.

Yard waste and bulk items rotate every other week. You may contact Waste Connections for a yearly copy of the schedule.

Does the Association have control over yard signs?

A. Yes.  The only signs permitted are builders signs during construction, a real estate sign when the property is for sale and security signs. Security signs meaning ADT, or does not allow no trespassing or other signs of any kind including political signs.

What about dog walking?

A. Many of our families have pets. When dog walking we ask that you carry a pooper-scooper or bag to pick up any droppings.